Monday, March 29, 2010

SF Garden Show: Stuff in Bowls

Goodness gracious, I'm on an adrenaline and sensory overload after the SF Flower and Garden Show.  I'll be posting images of the show throughout the week, but my lack of focus today has led to a photo tour of little details that I found pretty cool.

The image above is a detail of a sculpture by who else, but Paul Discoe of Live Edge LLC, although most folks know him from his other company Joinery Structures.  I love his attention to detail and his use of Japanese hand tools.  

Leave it to Artefact Design & Salvage to find something rad and put a bunch of it in a neat little bowl; gold and silver skulls in this instance.  I can see this going rock star or zombie garden.  Ooooh, zombie garden...

 If you've seen anything about the show, you've probably already seen the succulent cube garden.  Well, the cube certainly floored me, but here's a little-noticed detail ringing the pond around it.  I guess they're stone- small bowls with lights inside.  Tumbled glass softens the light and adds a mysterious hidden treasure element.  Sean Stout and James Pettigrew of Organic Mechanics are the people responsible.

Continuing on the theme of stuff in bowls, here's a little shot of the Papillon Pad by Mariposa Garden Design and Thomas Pedemonte.  Hanging ceramic bowls drip with succulents.  Very festive! 

I'll highlight a few gardens next week and relive the adventures, but first I'll have to come down from this garden high!


  1. It was great to meet you at the SF show Christine! Somehow I missed Paul Discoe's sculpture, but in my defense, there was a LOT to look at!

  2. Meeting you in person was the highlight of my day! Paul's sculpture was a little out of the way and I'm with Michelle at Garden Porn that the sculpture garden was not sited well, but I did like the sculptures themselves.