Friday, March 12, 2010

Bulbwatch 2010: Daffodil Edition

Well, another day of rain and another opportunity to sneak in a post before the weekend!  Here's what's been popping up around here lately.  The photo above is "Jenny".  I like how she's not all white, but not glaringly neon either.  A gentle hint of color to remind us of Spring. 

And here we have my reliable, rain-kissed "Thalia".  So airy and delicate in appearance, but they've reproduced quite nicely in a wine barrel.  I tend to go for the Cyclamineus Daffodils with reflexed petals- they're so expressive!  It's just a little taste of bulb frenzy while I await the arrival of my native bulbs- Calachortus and Brodaiea.


  1. we've been rainless here in Southern CA for almost a whole week, so it's nice to see those droplets on your daffodils. Very pretty.

  2. I don't see very many all white daffodils. Your 'Thalia' is elegantly stunning. Much more refined and subdued than our Dutch Masters that seem to scream an almost effervescent yellow from the slopes.

  3. White daffodils are among my favs. I've never planted Jenny. She's a real beauty.

    Ice Follies and Ice King are blooming white here now. Thalia will follow Sailboat and Ice Wings.

  4. Hi Vanessa- we'll be dry here this week, too so more time to garden, less time to blog about it!
    Clare- I love the Dutch Masters in profusion over a large expanse (like your orchard!)- since I deal in such small spaces, I tend towards the more subtle tones. I've noticed that white flowers at the end of a colorless winter don't garner the excitement that yellow does, too. Variety, I guess is the name of the game.
    Nell Jean- how nice to have a succession plan! I haven't gotten that far yet.