Thursday, February 24, 2011

Light Up the Night

If you manage the temerity to dash outside this evening, I would highly recommend plugging in a set of non-LED Christmas lights to tuck around the tender plants.  Not only will it protect them from our incoming snow (?!?), but it will also be a nice sparkly alternative to that old Strawberry Shortcake comforter.  Perhaps a quick check to remove dry, flammable material would be a good idea, too.  I can't imagine anything out there still being dry, but what's a suggestion without a disclaimer?  Bundle up and enjoy paging through all the plant catalogs coming through the mail!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Things to Love

Since today is about love, I can't end the day without sharing some photos I'm obsessed with at the moment.  Plant fans, please don't despair- I've been installing a few things to show you, but the rain and sun will have to take its course before things get photogenic!

Armed with the knowledge Saturday that we should enjoy our early Springtime before the clouds rained on our parade, we journeyed to Pt. Pinole, a park on the site of an old dynamite factory (!).  We discovered a large, peaceful park with a long shoreline strewn with clam shells.  It was as if we were following a trail of confetti thrown in aforementioned parade.  Instinct had overtaken me and soon enough I was rooting around in the sand, finding "treasures" and trying to find where I had left my shoes. 

It seemed like a miracle to me that the small shell in the center had survived the waves and sand.  It reminded me of a baby's fingernail.

I love, love, love this photo!  It's got lichen, number one.  Who doesn't like lichen?!  It also reminds me of a lazy day spent tromping through Oak and Bay woodland, looking for mushrooms and other finds.

I love it when nature designs something so outrageous.  I'm sure these disks serve a perfect function in the life cycle of this, it's just an added bonus that aesthetics are included!

This one reminds me of aerial photographs of rivers.  So delicate!  Perhaps I like it so much because it seems that lichen is nature's lace.  Sigh...  I love lace.  What are you loving right now?