Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Relax! It's Time For Arnold Palmers

Ah, the official beverage of hot weather!  Make half a pitcher of sun tea (I use Earl Grey and this time tossed in a pinch of dried lavender flowers) and combine with half a pitcher of lemonade.  Ice well and drink throughout the afternoon.

I couldn't detect the lavender; perhaps next time I'll go to the trouble of constructing a cheesecloth bundle and adding more in. 

The weather on my phone claims it will be 101 degrees today- keeping in mind that it is 90 percent of the time wrong, I'm still giddy with delight by the idea.  The fog has slinked off to somewhere else!  Hooray! 


  1. A definite favorite in my family!! We also discovered a newer version of this drink a few weeks ago while on vacation - sweet tea vodka and lemonade - oh lordy is it good!

  2. Here's hoping you had a real dose of summer after all your atmospheric but totally cold weather so far. A run of 101 days makes me pine for anything in the 60s but it's so nice for a change.

  3. That would've been the perfect drink yesterday. We cracked 104! I had the iced tea...just not the lemonade, but next time I'll be prepared! :P