Thursday, August 5, 2010

Getting Us Through the Gloom

This has got to be one of the gloomiest summers, but how can anyone let that bring them down when the sunflowers are so exuberantly making up for the lack of sunshine?!  This Titan sunflower is stretching to grow so big, it's shape has become curved!  I'm looking forward to finding little birds munching on the seeds later in the season, too.  Happy foggy Thursday, everyone!


  1. Yes, I'm just astounded to read about the SF Bay Area weather, while roasting in the high 90s in Colorado.

    Wonder how my sunflowers are doing...

  2. What a weird summer this has been! Even down here, where islands off nearby Mexico dot our horizon, it's been really cool--and here it is August already. I'm surprised even the sunflowers can figure out what season they're in, and without them I'd be lost myself.

  3. Wowsa!

    I'll add to the shout-outs: the coolest summer since I moved here in 1998. But the sleeping is so cozy with the lack of steamy days, that I'm not complaining... too much;~D

  4. Hi Town Mouse! Your area is usually hotter than mine, so I'm sure the sunflowers are rocketing towards the sky! I'm so glad you have a chance to "visit" us while you're away!

    Hi James, may I go so far to suggest that without them you'd be "lost in your own backyard"? Sorry, couldn't resist!

    Thanks for stopping by, Alice! It has been pretty cozy, but I was hoping to trade the tea and hot chocolate for Arnold Palmers at some point! I'm trying not to complain- I just keep hoping it will heat up later on.

  5. Wow, what an incredible-looking sunflower! It's just bursting at the seams!

    Here in Cincinnati, we have had the most insanely hot, humid, brutally sunny summer. I've hated summers here since we moved to this area, but this summer takes the cake. I walk outside and the heat just punches me in the face! Ugh.

  6. Switzerland was unfortunately cold and rainy, but Italy gave me a week of crazy heat and humidity. Here's hoping that the end of August and September at least are normal (meaning warm and sunny).