Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Lost and Many Other Things Found

It all started when I couldn't find my French curve that I needed to complete a drawing.  Oh crap, that means I have to enter the black hole that is my office to look for it.  What a complete mess!  On the grand journey of finding the French curve, I had the fortunate experience of uncovering archaeological discoveries from my recent history.  Enjoy!

Visualingual's Seed Bombs are made by talented friends of ours and coincidentally purchased for me by another friend of mine.  We're so excited that these are available at Anthropologie and cutesy boutiques around the country!  Cool blog, too!

These mini florist buckets would be so springtime adorable with little tufts of green moss and an extra large pearl or two resting on top!  Scored these at the last White Elephant Sale.   

This was a wood burning test for a project I helped a friend out with.  More to come in the months ahead about this one...

Sorry to pop in and out, but I'm in hummingbird mode of late.  Which of course means that a flood of happy happy things are coming this way!


  1. I really dig the seed bombs. That might be a fun thing for our native plant society to make to encourage seed sales, though I could see it might bother some members who'd think that a bomb with the wrong plants could be lobbed into the wild areas of town. But who doesn't have a neglected median strip nearby?

  2. Thanks, James! They're a fairly simple DIY project; we just make it easy for the people who don't want to get their hands dirty!

    You're right that the proper seeds need to be used, but a native plant society could make that part of their message.

    Christine, the fact that another friend bought our work for you is just hilarious to me.

  3. James, your comment reminds me of the surgeon general warnings on cigarettes or alcohol- "be responsible when bombing"!

    Maya, I'm still getting over my friend buying these unknowingly for me! It just goes to show how totally awesome they are.

  4. I love the wildflower bombs...except I read a while ago that in some areas, if you're caught bombing a neglected lot, you, as the bomber, may (based on antiquated local ordinances and property laws) become legally responsible for the said shabby or abandoned lot. It has something to do with how some property laws and rights of way are interpreted. So bomb cautiously! :P

  5. Clare, I would love to drive around and see a bumper sticker that said "Bomb cautiously"! Or on second thought, maybe not... I wish there were more land use laws like that- it would make our plans to build a park that much easier!