Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Breaking News! Blow-out Plant Sale of the Year!

 Alright, Fall planters get ready!  This weekend I received the following email from Pete at East Bay Wilds (via the EBCNPS google group):

Due to the sale of the property where my nursery is, I'm going to close my castro valley location in September.

I will have a big sale - 50% off everything on saturday and 75% off everything left on sunday until 3 pm on sept 25th and 26th.  most everything left at 3 pm on sunday, I'll sell for absolute minimal - $1-$3 or free!  I have moved plants, although many of my best ones are at my nursery in oakland - all the manzanitas, many ceanothus, dendromecons, pickeringias, etc..will stay in oakland

There are loads of others including many unusual plants at the castro valley location - many different coffeeberries, most buckwheats, mock oranges, penstemons, yucca whippleii and baccata, lots of native cacti, madrones, rhamnus illicifolias, many oaks, buckeyes, styrax, bay laurels, bayberries, mountain mahoganies, california walnuts, many ribes species, zauschnerias, eryngiums, goldenrods, asters, succulents, many, many grasses and many more plants of all kinds. 

If someone would like to know whether I have something in particular, I can answer people individually but I prefer email to telephone if possible.  I won't be able to reserve anything for pickup on that weekend or afterwards - just beforehand and not at the 50%/75% discounts. However, I will give 25% discounts on everything at the Castro Valley location until then.  in addition to the plants, I have lots of interesting garden props - pottery, antiques [old stuff is probably a better term], some fencing, gates, interesting rocks and wood for sale at the same big discounts.

In order to express my thanks for so many of you who have been wonderful customers over the years, I will be giving away one plant to everyone who comes [mostly soaproot lilies, but something similar, if I run out of those].

I'm going to keep my oakland nursery going and I'm still looking for a good location closer to my home in east oakland or alameda for a larger one - in case anyone knows of something.  it seems like w/ all these empty lots and warehouses everywhere around here I should have found something by now, but I haven't found the right place yet.  I just need lots of sun and water and if possible, a little office space.

Please help spread the word about the sale if you could.  Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.



Saturday, September 25 from 10 am until 4 pm

50% off entire inventory

Sunday, September 26 from 10 am until 3pm - AFTER 3pm, prices will be slashed down to next to nothing.

75% off entire inventory

Directions will be posted at www.eastbaywilds.com on September 22nd.

I'd like to thank Bob and Caroline Sparks for so generously sharing their land in Castro Valley with us for the past four years.  They've been amazingly great  'neighbors' for all of us at East Bay Wilds and we will miss seeing them regularly.

Pete Veilleux
East Bay Wilds

photo botanical guide of California Native Plants: http://www.flickr.com/photos/eastbaywilds/sets/
to see some photos of the spring bloom, 2010: http://www.flickr.com/photos/eastbaywilds/sets/72157623927299047/
to see photos of our new work, go here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/eastbaywilds/collections/72157600017422082/

Ok, me again.  Who's carpooling with me?  I've got a whole truck to fill and my honey will be very mad if I fill it all myself...


  1. thank you christine! much appreciated.


  2. Oh, I wish it weren't so far! I have a whole list for fall planting... But with our planned trip to Tilden the weekend after, I don't think I can swing it.

  3. Gracious, Pete... thank YOU! I'm counting the days!

    Darn, Town Mouse- wish there wasn't such a distance between all us native plant enthusiasts! You know I'll give a full report...

  4. Shoot...and I love a good sale too! I'll be shopping vicariously through you. Expecting a full report on all the steals and deals you score first thing Monday morning! :P

  5. Holy Cats and Kittens!

    I've got a station wagon, which might be better than a truck.... What time are you going????

  6. Well, why choose between the truck and the station wagon when you can just take both and fill them to brimming? Kidding! (sort of). I was thinking about going on Sat. early afternoon. You in?