Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Plant of the Week: Catalina Live-Forever

What could be better than that rare combination of a California native plant and a succulent? This succulent, native to the Catalina Islands, looks to me like little witchy fingers reaching out of the ground! Dudleya hassei is effortless to grow and when it's been sunbathing for awhile, will develop pink on its tips. It's quickly becoming a favorite of mine. Tuck a few in the bare spots in the garden.

Soil: well-drained
Sun: full sun on the coast, part sun inland
Plant: any time of the year.
Buy it: ask your local nursery to order you some from San Marcos Growers
Good for: adding texture and a tinge of pink to your dry garden. Attracts hummingbirds, but beware, the Theodore Payne site warns of "mammals" browsing for moisture! Thank goodness the only mammals I need to worry about in my neighborhood are Otter-pop wrappers!


  1. I just bought some Dudleya also. It is a fun shape, mine has not colored pink yet....

  2. Is it the same kind of Dudleya? There's a few different varieties and I'd love to learn about them all!