Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Eggplant and Green Tomato Parmesan

I just can't take enough photos of my tomatoes. They're my personal supermodels! The other night I realized there were eggplants in my fridge and needed to use them. It was then that one of those ideas struck me- the kind where you can't tell if it's horrible or brilliant. Combining the cultural history of my neighborhood, Idora Park I would construct an eggplant and green tomato Parmesan! Idora Park originated as an Italian neighborhood (hence the eggplant Parmesan) which shifted in the 60s to an affluent African-American neighborhood (hence the green tomatoes).

I used Mark Bittman's recipe in How to Cook Everything as a jumping off point, although I dipped the eggplant and tomatoes in flour first, then egg and milk, then finished off with seasoned breadcrumbs before frying to make a more substantial crust. I also omitted mozzarella mostly because I didn't feel like going to the store, but apparently it's authentico without.
The green tomatoes added a nice acidity and contrasted nicely with the eggplant. I'd recommend!

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  1. Hi, I just accidentally found this via Jermy's forwarded email with the new/old rug in situ, and I have to say that I love the fact that you're spreading the Idora Park love all over the Internets. I also love your recipe's neighborhoody references, and that you're using HTCE.

    I can't wait for my Norwegian postcard!