Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Plant of the Week: San Miguel Island Buckwheat

The Idora Design headquarters garden will prominently feature Eriogonum grande rubescens. Why, you ask? Well, this evergreen perennial forms a mat of pretty spoon-shaped leaves and begs for attention by sending a fireworks display of pink flowers two feet up into the air. It doesn't stop there, either. The flowers slowly fade to rust, suggesting the deepening of the seasons as winter nears and contrasting with the fuzzy white undersides of the leaves. Did I mention that it attracts all sorts of fun pollinators such as hover flies or the square spotted blue butterfly?

Soil: well drained to clay
Sun: yes.
Height: less than a foot with foliage, up to two feet with flower stalks
Plant: start with a 4" or 1 gallon container and plant any time you like. They're tough ladies.
Buy it: at Annie's, of course! You can also try your local nursery if they seem to have caught the native bug. (ask them anyway and maybe they'll catch it!)
Good for: adding a splash of pink to the garden, contrasting with light foliage plants like dudleya pulverulenta, and attracting beneficial insects!

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