Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Plant of the Week: Parry's Agave

Ok, Ok so it's not native to California, but I'm drooling over Agave parryii's dramatic blue and dark purple contrast and the spine imprints on the backs of the leaves. Hot! This fella is native to New Mexico and through much of the Southwest. As you can imagine, drought tolerance is an added bonus.
In a few years it will send up a very tall flower stalk, bloom some yellow flowers and leave a few children behind to start it all over before perishing.

Soil: well drained. Add small chunks of lava rock if your soil veers on the clay side of things
Sun: full-blast, South or West-facing
Height: gets up to 2.5' wide and tall. The flower stalks can tower to 12'!
Plant: in the late springtime, after root-rotting winter rains
Buy it: Cactus Jungle in Berkeley. It's beautifully curated and they have greyhounds!
Good for: contrasting color with plants like dudleya pulverulenta or eriogonum grande rubescens and for folks who are forgetful when it comes to watering.

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  1. Love it, it is such an wonderful form, I could look at it over & over. I also love the blue green color.