Friday, June 12, 2009

Field Trip: Convict Lake

What an amazing time we had exploring the Eastern Sierra! Here we are standing in the midst of Convict Lake, made giddy by the view. I can't get over how different the Eastern side seems from the Western side that I'm so used to. I'll be posting photos of our adventures throughout the week, but I'll begin with the hike we took around the lake with friends and family who congregated here for my cousin's wedding.

As we hiked farther above the lake, these castillejas were dotting the landscape with bright bits of red. It's always so thrilling to discover a plant you've only read about! They were resting on the hillside along with what I think is some sort of yellow buckwheat.

I'm still so excited about what we saw, that I'm having a hard time editing down my photos! I'll end with a few more- one of the spectacular view facing the Sierra range...

And a sweet little oenothera, or evening primrose dressed up in her finest just for our visit.

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  1. We love that area of the Eastern Sierras & have spent many a summer fishing away at Mammoth Lakes....thanks for the visit