Sunday, June 14, 2009

Field Trip: Death Valley Road

Here you are, driving along a solitary desert road and not feeling very impressed with the scenery. Sure there's some sagebrush and picturesque clouds, but STOP THE CAR! you see a spot of fuscia, the brakes go screech and out you jump. Feet hitting the dusty gravel, your eyes begin to focus on the minutiae of desert life. A cactus here, a lizard there. The details are breathtaking.

Insects congregated around spots of color. These creepy-crawlies looked like giant aphids with three spots of scarlet down their backs. Too busy to stop and chat, they weren't about to tell me what their names were.

Little orange lovelies stood by the roadside waving us farther along, as if we were part of a grand parade until we rounded a corner and came across a sudden change in micro climate.

With no warning, we found ourselves in the company of Joshua trees as far as the eye could see. A young red-tailed hawk circled the air above us and I was absolutely speechless.

It's safe to say I've found a new obsession.

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