Monday, October 4, 2010

Obsessive Squirrel Mode Begins Tomorrow

Brodaiea californica

So the fact that I'm expecting a box today that contains 39 pounds of bulbs isn't excessive or anything, right?  I mean...  right?!?

(Most of them aren't for me, I swear!)  


  1. 39 pounds?!? I hope you have a bulb auger! :P I thought I was crazy...I have 430 daffodils to get in the ground in the next couple of weeks, but I'd be surprised if that's more than 10 pounds worth!

  2. Totally understandable so long as they are not light bulbs!

  3. Oh dang! Is it too late to order bulbs??? Did you buy your California bulbs from a Dutch grower, by way of Connecticut?

    And can I thank you again for the fun day at East Bay Wilds? You rawk!

  4. Hi Clare, I think you might have out done me in weight- I had a little over 200 daffs and most of everything else were small native bulbs. Yikes, have fun out there! It starts getting old after the first 100...
    Hi Byddi- well, I did order 100 Brodaiea californica and 100 Calochortus which are pretty darn small. At least the smaller ones are easier to get in the ground!
    Hey Lisa, yes I did go through Scheeper's which is... cheaper (I'll be here all evening, folks!) but it is not even close to too late to order bulbs. The anticipation took over and I had to have them NOW!
    I should thank you for the day of gallivanting around- soo fun! I demand a repeat!