Friday, October 29, 2010

Garden Clean-up Becomes Halloween Decor

The rains last weekend decimated most of the Eriogonum flowers (that's California Buckwheat for those not Latin-inclined).  A quick snip of the spent heads revealed a neat mound of green underneath.  Pretty amazing for a plant that looked completely dead two weeks ago.  I saved an armful of the dried flower stalks, however to aid in the Halloweenization of the house.  They're not exactly spooky, but they will lend a frightful air alongside the shrunken apple heads, rubber bats and blood-dripping candles.

Here's what they looked like a month or so ago:

Carefree pink blooms inviting the bees and skippers in the Springtime has now devolved to dark and creepy puff-ball sticks.  Happy Halloween!


  1. At least your halloween deco doesn't looked pecked to death :P I don't think the puff-ball sticks look too creepy, they look quite fetching in that bottle.

  2. I really like dried flowers in all of their apparitions.