Monday, October 18, 2010

Adding Greenery to the Green Fair

Turnout might have been light, but my booth rocked the green fair!  I planted a couple of my vintage ballot boxes with the hot colors of Autumn- 'Tuxedo' Ceanothus, California fuchsia, and Dudleya pulverulenta surrounded by tumbled porcelain.  I had quite the convergence of rusty things, graciously lent out by Aunt Joyce as well as a sidewalk chalk area rug.

 I'm especially excited about my new twig trellis-I'll take some decent shots in the next few days to properly gloat about it...

Next time I'll have to have a large sign with my logo and "Landscape Design" on it so folks recognize what it is exactly I do.  Now that it's over I have quite few extra plants- anyone care for a few or are y'all up to your ears in Fall planting like me?  Don't even get me started about bulbs!


  1. Lovely display! You were probably the greenest of them all. As we're doing our green remodeling, I realize how many of the green businesses are only trying to make a buck...

    As for the plants, surely you can find a spot? Can't wait to hear more about the trellis!

  2. The trellis looks lovely!

    And, yes, you have to be sort of obvious about what you do at these sorts of events. My rule of thumb is to be one step more obvious than I think I need to be.

  3. I love the ballot box planter. it looks great! So creative.