Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A Respite From the Rain

An icky, windy, rainy day like this warrants a few pretty pictures, like this Carpenteria californica who can hardly contain itself.

 Or this show-stopping Iris fernaldii, a gift from my favorite farmers, Curbstone Valley.

What about this guppy-faced Penstemon palmeri about to release its Springtime fragrance? 

Oh, that's where the sun went!  It got swallowed up by this luminescent poppy.  Well, I hope the poppy decides to share- this gloomy weather is not hastening the planting of those columbines I keep meaning to put in!  As I glance longingly out the window again and return with a shiver, I've declared this to be hot chocolate hour.  Join me for a mug? 


  1. I could use some hot chocolate right about now...what happened to the lovely weather we had this weekend?

    YAY!!!! Your Iris is blooming!!! :D I'm so happy. I wasn't sure it was going to set buds this year after I moved it. It's officially a 'rescue Iris'. If it hadn't been moved, it would have been squished by our future shed! So glad it has a new home! Enjoy!

  2. Oh, it will be hot and dry soon enough. I'm just thrilled I don't have to turn on the irrigation yet...Not to mention the hand watering of the pots and all that. Of course, I still enjoy the pictures ;->