Friday, December 4, 2009

Sneak Peek: Idora Postcards!

I spent the day at my friend Olivia's letterpress shop the other day and couldn't help but be excited.  Maybe it was the tea, perhaps it was the amazing gingerbread and poached apple desert brought to us by Richard of St Hieronymous Press, but I think it was the postcards of my sketches that Olivia printed for me!

There's four different designs:  a playful set of Felco pruners, a couple of Romney coulteri (Matilijia poppies), a very twiggy little gate, and the spider that I told y'all about here.  The backs of the postcards announce the fact that I exist and suggest that the dear reader visit my website.  They're printed on chipboard, the stuff that comes between stacks of paper to make it more rigid in shipping and storing.  Hooray for reusing!  The chipboard is pretty squishy and thick, so it took to the press very well with deep and precise indentations.

Don't despair if you're wanting a few!  Olivia will offer sets of the postcards for sale on her etsy.  Check back with her in the next week or so.  We had such a wonderful day- a field trip of little tots even stopped by to stare at the big moving wheel of the press.  They were mesmerized!  Olivia recounts our lovely day at her blog, too.  And she has better photos, so I highly recommend it.

Happy Friday!


  1. Wow, I love them, especially the gate...but then I realy have a 'thing' for gates. I'll be sure to stop by your friend's etsy page.

  2. What fun! I really like them all, and for some strange reason I'm rather drawn to the spider, but they're all beautiful!

  3. thanks c! you did an awesome job with the illustrations--go collabo :)

  4. I have to admit, I might love the spider best myself. All in all, a very fun project and Olivia did an amazing job with my sketches!

  5. You need to start sending us amazing mail like this!