Monday, October 5, 2009

Picnic on Putah Creek

Went on an impromptu picnic with my aunt Joyce the other day for yummy treats and bird-watching along the banks of Putah Creek in rural Vacaville.  A tangle of grape vines seemed to keep some of the birds occupied, while the woodpeckers kept the tree branches company.  Plenty of fisherman, but no fish to be seen. 
Usually when I think of Vacaville, I immediately groan about the traffic on I80, but this is quite a different experience!

Here you'll see our picnic site, inches from the water.


  1. Too true - Vacaville is one those places I think of only in terms of navigation and road trips. I am constantly thankful for - and amazed by - how much beauty there is right out there - not just in "parks!"

  2. What a lovely photo, you should submit it to the Picture This photo contest at Gardening Gone Wild! Their theme this month is abundant harvest.