Monday, October 12, 2009

CNPS Plant Sale: So Good, the Cops Came

Not sure why a police officer was patrolling the plant sale, but there he was.  Do plant geeks really get that deviant?!  Regardless, the plant sale was tons of fun and even being the native plant nerd I am, I learned about a few new plants I'd never seen before.  I was really surprised how many of the plants offered were riparian (or growing near water) species.  Because I focus so much on drought tolerance, I tend to weed out the others (ok, that pun was intended).  A few newbies (to me)...

Scirpus acutus, or Common Tulle.  These can grow to 10 or 15 feet high!  But unless you happen to have a stream running through your urban jungle, you might be stuck watering them quite frequently.  Bummer.

Another plant for my future rotations:  Ninebark or Physocarpus capitatus.  Why didn't I learn of this sooner?!  Pretty leaves, gorgeous flowers, fall color and that peeley barky thing that I adore natives for...  what's not to love? 

It was a festive atmosphere, but I swear- folks were on a mission!  And tons of volunteers were helping educate local gardeners on the wonderful world of going native.  Next year, I think I'll finally get my stuff together and join them- it looked like they were having such a grand time!

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