Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Garden Tour: Euphorbia Gardens

I'd like to think I've inherited my design sense, but my Aunt Joyce's garden proves I have a long way to go.  Her garden at the base of Mt. Diablo hosts birds, birds, birds.  Deer come for a nightly buffet, too but that's not always a good thing!  An owl emerges from his tree in the evenings as the flocks of quail scurry amongst the shrubbery.  The turkey vultures slide through the air, down the mountain after a day of scavenging as the whirlwind of yellow finches get their last bits of seed.
What I love about it, however is that it wasn't designed with just wildlife in mind.  It's people friendly, too.  Pictured here is a sweet little terrace for late summer dining or the perfect place to celebrate the coming spring with an afternoon tea.


Paths wind around grasses and perennials, guiding  you past ornaments that bring strange questions to mind.  Is it art?  Is it found?  Is it the coolest thing ever?!  Ummm.  .  .  yes!


It's a large space, but the paths, sculpture and planting beds make you feel like you're on an adventure and create areas that have their own intimate identity.  I always come away refreshed and inspired.  .  .  and closer to getting my own back garden started!

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