Thursday, July 16, 2009

Plant of the Week: Panther Lily

I promise this is the last of the Trinity Alps series. I couldn't help but share this tremendous find on our hike. A plethora of these dainty Lilium pardalinums! They were hovering amongst a small spring and practically glowing in the afternoon sun. Apologies for the sun-drenched photos!

Soil: Well drained, nutrient rich couldn't hurt. Grows near streams.
Sun: Part shade
Height: up to 6' tall!
Plant: In the fall after the flowers have faded
Buy it: Yerba Buena Nursery or various bulb companies
Good for: a feast of the eyes! This plant will do well in a high water situation, so if you can't part with your water-loving non-natives, this would be a great companion.

A top view of the lily and it's reflexed petals. Dare I say sexy?

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