Wednesday, January 13, 2010

With Visions of Calochortus Dancing in Her Head

Calochortus introducing itself

While I've heard lots of folks talk about how they're impatiently waiting for Spring, I can't help but smile at this bleak garden season and realize that it's the one closest to my heart.  Warmer weather brings the splendor of flowers, it's true.  However, it's the anticipation of those flowers that I enjoy the most.  The presents that Nature decides to bestow can never quite live up to the daydreams which materialize in paging through my bulb catalogs, googling care and propagation instructions for wildflowers (again and again), and fussing over the microscopic sprouts slowly  peeping up through the mulch. 
Don't get me wrong, I love the Spring and its frenetic surprises.  But imagining what those surprises will be before they arrive can be just as satisfying.


  1. I agree with you, I always have a few surprises tucked away in my garden. Just when you almost forgot they were there...they pop up to greet you. Seeing new plants emerging from the bare earth is what made me fall in love with plants.

  2. The winter garden is like a christmas tree with the presents under it. I also love the anticipation and I love walking through the winter garden looking really close at everything. It's all so understated and magical. The summer garden, on the other hand, gives me shell shock.

  3. Susie- well said. Isn't it exciting?
    Cindee- I love your description of the summer garden. "Shell shock" sounds just about right. I tend to get a little overwhelmed, beautiful as it may be!