Monday, January 4, 2010

State of the Garden Address 2010

(applause)  Thank you.  It's been a momentous year for the garden.  I'd like to review some of our achievements and look to the future in this yearly address.  A year ago, the garden saw the removal of a long-time invader, smothering the land with its thick mindlessness.

  The yard is now free from the evil Juniper shrubs and a struggling democracy of California native plants now strive to provide habitat for a variety of insects and birds.  This little garden has come a long way.  We have not succeeded without setbacks, however and I'd like to take this moment to remember the plants that are no longer with us, namely the four Salvia apianas and the three Mimulus aurantiacus 'Jack.'

May they rest in peace knowing they fought bravely against the hardships of transplanting and fungal diseases.

2010 shows to be a promising year, with a population boom of Clarkias and Mariposa lilies on the horizon.

The garden will see the introduction of creeping Ceanothus and no doubt yet another rash of squirrel-like transplanting.  I'd like to say the worst is over for this hard-fought garden, but I have to disclose that we have only just begun.  I'm introducing space-covering initiatives to secure the future of this garden.  I will be considering in the coming days the proportions of the slow-growing and focal point Manzanita in comparison to its shooting Malacothamnus neighbor.  We will introduce hand-made trellises to support Vitus 'Roger's Red', but we will likely lose some of the plants that helped make this garden possible.  Freedom does not come without struggle, but may we celebrate the truimphs and learn from our losses.  Thank you.  (applause)


  1. Hi Christine,

    I heartily applaud you :-) I hate Juniper and your new plants are so much more attractive.

  2. you had some work to dig out all of that especially the roots - oh how exciting to have all that space now to be creative.

  3. Yay! Thanks, guys. I can't believe it's only been a year since the juniper extinction!

  4. Very, very cute post...I love your style of writing..very funny yet informative! Congratulations on removing that hulking beast of a Juniper you had out easy feat!