Thursday, January 21, 2010

Stealing a Peek at the Garden Between Raindrops

A brief respite from driving rain got me skipping outside to breathe the cold air and inspect the garden.  And... surprise!  A little Brodaiea coccinea has decided to join us above-ground and one of the Manzanitas is budding up.  (Hopefully it will flower as well, but I might have pruned it at the wrong time). 

The Dudleya hassei plants that have made the best of it are sending up little rosettes that I suppose will become lovely hummingbird coveted flower stalks.

It's also the perfect time to go to battle against the Oxalis, too as the ground is squishy.  And, of course the Malacothamnus fasciculatus is blooming forth, pretending she's basking in spring sunshine. 

So enjoy the rain today and all the promises it brings!


  1. Hi Christine,

    Your rain laden plants are beautiful. I hope your garden makes it through the rain. I had a branch fall off my tree just outside the window a couple of minutes ago. So much rain....

  2. Hello Christine, I am simply amazed at all the "activity" in the garden: foliage coming out of everything. We have had a constant 50 degrees for going on 2 weeks now and everything thinks its time.

  3. Your photos are lovely! While we've been out keeping the drainage areas clear, we've noticed a few promising signs of spring here too! With this much rain, we might not need to water for months! Thankfully the weather seems to be calming down a bit...and I'm sure once the sun comes back out, we'll be up to our ears in weeds! Good luck with your oxalis...that reminds me...think it might be time to attack our French broom patch again while the soil is soft!

  4. Great photos, we had a good soak down here too. More still to come! Yippee!

  5. Hi, Christine -- So interesting to see that you grow dudleyas, evidently with great success. I've found them terribly finicky---no summer water, even though they look like they're at death's door!

  6. Noelle- are you alright? I hope the plants below didn't get crushed! So far the garden is enjoying the wet weather, sounds like pretty similar conditions to Di's. Everything's just waiting to spring!
    Wow Clare, Scotch broom is the worst! And I was feeling sorry for myself with the Oxalis...
    I've been thinking of you with all the news coming from SoCal, Susie- hope all is well!
    Hi Debra- I was surprised the Dudleyas did so well- a gravel mulch goes pretty far and its companions don't like summer water, either.
    Thanks everyone!