Tuesday, December 1, 2009

And Now For Something Completely Different...

Ok, if this isn't the darn cutest thing you've seen all day then I suggest we go head to head for a serious cute war.  We just received a sweater for 99 custom knit by Marsha!  And it looks great, don't you think?  Now maybe she'll stop taking naps on the stove...

This has nothing to do with gardening I'm well aware, but I really couldn't help myself!


  1. That's adorable...seems to bring out the green in her eyes.

  2. So cute, the colour matches her eyes exactly.
    In the winter, I would take naps on the stove if I could, instead, I just singe my feet at the fireplace.

  3. Ha ha - Your cat is even making those slinky catwalk-model eyes at the camera!
    It's good to get out of the garden once in a while.

  4. Way too cute! I love how the green sweater matches her eyes :^)

  5. Deborah and Country Mouse- thanks for providing a laugh for my morning!
    Now that I think about it, a nap on the stove is sounding pretty nice.
    And 99 is quite the supermodel, but she moves around too much, making her very hard to photograph! I almost want her to have matching boots, too...