Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Late Show Gardens: Happy Happy Inspiration

Here are a few images I wanted to share from the Late Show Gardens at Cornerstone.  There are some wonderful blogs out there also diligently reporting the show (it's so hard traipsing around pretty gardens, taking lovely photos and showing them off to your friends!  Sigh.) which I link to here:  Michelle's Garden Porn site contains much to see from the show and Alice's Bay Area Tendrils Garden Travel does also!  Check out their photos and play by play of the Grow Melt Project,one of my favorite gardens.  However, I must have been delirious from the heat as I did not capture one pixel of it on my camera!
The photo above I found so sweet, as the hanging balls are pomegranates strung from thin wire.  So simple, so festive!  If it hadn't been 90 degrees, I would have sought out some mulled wine to put me even more in the autumnal mood!

I just couldn't bear to leave out the greyhounds.  So regal!  I wanted to put garlands of roses around their necks and a milkbone at their feet! They were for sale at one of Cornerstone's shops.

The photo is a tidge sun-bleached, but these metal balls inspired me to make a few out of wood and perhaps experiment with the form a bit.  Wouldn't they look great with clematis ligusticifolia climbing over them?

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  1. Thanks Christine,
    Glad you notice that all the plants in my garden were Cal natives (except the olives, of course!). We had some Vitis californica, but they were not full sized, so we scrapped them. Thanks for coming to the show, see you there next year!

    Nick Thayer