Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Late Show Gardens: A Bleak and Beautiful Future

This will be the last post on the show at Cornerstone last weekend, and I wanted to share two more gardens that seemed to explore a similar theme.  The main material used:  rust.  They created a post apocalyptic feeling, but with a twist.  As if Mad Max decided to take up bluegrass music.  First up, we have this fabulous "garden" created by Ben and Kate Frey.  I love how they took dinky container plants which typically are stacked on top of each other at garden shows to create a feeling of fullness and spaced them out to make them look even more pathetic.  I hope this was on purpose, because it sounds like I'm insulting them!  It left me feeling that the only thing missing was a harsh wind and tumbleweeds.

The Hermit house comfortably seated about five people and Ben was gracious enough to give a house tour of the approximately 6' x 6' space!  All I kept thinking was, 'How did they find all this cool rusty stuff?!'

Gary Ratway and Mike Lucas's Renewal garden was another one of those 'Where did they find that?!' kinds of experiences, as their rusted propane tanks stole the show with their old-modern look that seems to be so in as of late.  I love how it speaks of bioremediation:  planting specific plants that can help clean toxic soils.  The grasses springing up from the crushed gasoline tanks made me feel as if the garden was found that way after the ocean receded to reveal an old submarine subjected to the whims of nature.


All in all, what a cool show!  I feel so refreshed and ready to spring forward with all my new ideas and inspiration!

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