Thursday, September 17, 2009

Field Trip: Olive-Route Press

I'd been looking forward to visiting Via at her shop for weeks and the day finally arrived yesterday! Via runs Olive-Route Press, a letterpress shop in Berkeley and creates amazing work. I love stopping by her shop and rummaging through all the lovely things she's created for weddings, greeting cards, business collateral (she helped design my logo and website) and just fun, fun prettiness. We're working together to create a special edition of botanically-inspired postcards, which I'll keep you posted on in the future. (unintentional pun!)

I sketched some drawings and she printed away as I was introduced to Jay-Z's new and excellent album, delicious poached eggs made in the microwave (I kid you not) and plopped into tortilla soup by Richard at St. Hieronymus Press next door, and Via's contagious enthusiasm over a very large garden spider we found on an after-lunch walk.

All in all, the kind of work day where you don't feel like you were working.

*Update: I forgot to include a link to Via's very entertaining blog:

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  1. i had fun too! thanks for the post, will have a matching one on my blog soon :)