Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Plant of the Week: Pale Primrose

In my research I've just discovered that Oenothera pallida is native to the Western United States except for California, but I'm quite smitten with it anyway! Unlike most white primroses, this beauty stays open all day and graces you with a sweet, sweet scent when you lean in to admire its heart-shaped petals. I tried it out because I was under the impression it would flow over the side of the container. Hmmm, perhaps it doesn't get enough sun where it is because it's reaching very tall. A transplant might be in order!

Soil: if it thrives in Utah, I'm going with poor, well-drained soil
Sun: full.
Plant: 4" plants can be put out as spring is coming to a close. Try the seed a month earlier.
Buy it: 4" are available at Annie's. Seeds are sold by these nice folks in Utah
Good for: a whiff of loveliness near the front porch, and late season blooms.

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