Friday, July 10, 2009

The Case of the Mystery Natives

Here's a little peek into the various plants we ran into on our trip to the Trinity Alps. Although they're quite lovely, I can't see myself being able to find them in nurseries. Usually I'd clamor to introduce myself to their names and locales, but I think this time I'll just relish their beauty. However, I know full well my fellow plant geeks can't resist sharing their know-how, so I invite them to share in the comments!

The little flower above is so sweet- I love how the petals are so separate- almost strawberry-like.

This unusual succulent was found on a north-west facing ravine wall amongst the mosses, reaching out its little succulent arms across the rocks.

I want a dress that looks like this! Such a girly, frilly color!

Cotton candy flowers!

A soft little anemone, resting in the shady spots of the meadows. Enjoy the weekend!


  1. Great plants! Isn't it fun how there's always something new? As for the Gardenia, maybe you should just stick one in the ground, and maybe it will just grow. I think it's more about being lucky than anything else....

  2. Gardenias are so lovely, but I've taken a strict vow of native or edible. If I go back on that, I'd have to let my sweetie plant timber bamboo!