Friday, May 7, 2010

Happy Birthday to You!

Oh, little blog- I can't believe I missed your first birthday yesterday!  And what a year it has been!  Full of new things to geek out on and incredible new friends that I'm so grateful to know.  Thanks to friends, family and random strangers who say, "Oh, I think I've been to your blog"- I've had such a fun time.

To celebrate, I'd like to list the five most popular posts:

1.  The Raspberry Trellis!  (huh... who knew this would be most popular!)
2.  Plant of the Week:  Santa Barbara Daisy (the equivalent of a gateway drug for natives!)
3.  A Rant About the Invasive/Naturalizing Sweet Broom
4.  My Creepy Spider Drawing (postcards of the spider can be found here)
5.  The Award Winning Photo of Spontaneous Sculpture

Meanwhile, other celebrations include nibbling at this lemon bar procured earlier today from Sweet Adeline.  Yum! 


  1. Happy Bloggin' Birthday! Is that a lemon bar with a candle in it? Mmmm...tasty :P I still love your spider drawing, and don't think it's creepy in the least. How is the trellis working out?

  2. Oh, happy birthday! Has it been a year already? Congratulation, little blog, we're really enjoyed visiting.

  3. Happy blogiversary! Looking forward to see what the next year will bring.