Thursday, January 14, 2010

Show us Your Baby Pictures!

A followup to my post about how much the world needs a database of wildflower seedling photos.  I emailed the California Native Plant Link Exchange and Roy responded with a wonderful idea.  Let's upload our seedling photos onto the Calflora Calphotos pages!  If you're ever trying to identify a plant you saw hiking, Calflora is the place to go.  The page will tell you all sorts of information about the plant and includes links to more specific information like photos, usda information, and of course the CNPLX which will let you know where you can purchase one for yourself.
I cruised some of the photo pages for our native annuals and I haven't found a seedling photo among them.  Anyone can post, so if you have some seedlings snap a few shots and share them with other budding native gardeners!  Register here.


  1. Hi Christine,

    I love your baby pictures! I don't have any to share right now...

  2. What a cute baby picture, I posted one of my own...but a real baby on my blog. No sprouting seeds to report right now.

  3. Susie- your baby pictures are ever so much more precious than mine- thanks for letting me know to check it out!
    I'm buzzing around lately so haven't had time to upload anything to Calphoto. Plus, the lupines have succumbed to slugs. Ugh!

  4. My housemate and I had this idea for our own benefit. We inherited a yard with lots of dormant weed seeds, and have neighbors who don't weed at all, so we needed a way to distinguish them from the wildflowers we sowed. A great idea. Now if I can only find those photos.

  5. Yes, great idea indeed. We all know what it is to watch the codyledons give way to the true leaves and reveal what the plant will be - sometimes it takes a long time. I've been meaning to contribute photos to calflora but haven't looked into it yet. Other aspects of the plants are also good to have closeups of too - not just the flower but, for example, the underside of leaves or other distinguishing features.