Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Philosophy of Bees

Just when I thought I was soo cool and knew all about the little visitors in my garden, this little green bee popped up and turned me into a gaping novice.  Oh.  My.  Stars!  A Metallic Green Sweat Bee!  In my garden!  Frantic snapping of photos insued, hence the blurry photo below.  Note also the white insect egg cases in the flower pom-pom in the background of the photo above.

Can you believe the color combo that Nature so effortlessly arranged?!  The pink Eriogonum and green Agapostemon was a good call.  It brings up the old philosophical question, "If a Green Sweat Bee lands on an Eriogonum and no one is around to take a photo, is the bee totally awesome?"


  1. Great pics. I love that metallic sheen on the sweat bee. It's always nice when they cooperate for the photo. I chased a bumblebee around the same ball of flowers once for a good 20 pics before giving up.

  2. Absolutely the bee is still totally awesome. Love the green on pink color combo, great photos!

  3. Christine, you have to check out this post on bees on NYC buildings! It's not what you think.

  4. Wow! I say definitely awesome in absence of awestruck viewers :-) I saw this one on the going native tour when I went to the bee garden in Berkeley - I have never seen it down our way, on the Central Coast. Before getting into native plants I had no idea there were so many different kinds of bees!

  5. Squeeeee!

    I love those green bees!

    I saw one in our garden, the week we moved into our house, but haven't seen another in this location since.

    They're such a delight, aren't they?