Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A Breath of Fresh... Fog

Saturday presented a magical day in the garden; a fine and unexpected mist gradually descended on the leaves, on me, on the sidewalk of which a fresh rain scent refracted back in thanks.  I'm not the first to note (by "note" I mean complain bitterly) the erratic weather patterns of this year (I found it oddly fitting to tear out the last of the still-blooming sweet peas on the first of September), but I must say that this shot of beachy fog created a wonderland.

Drops of jewels clung to unfurling leaves, grateful for a little moisture, while inconspicuous spider webs became encrusted with bling.

The gray foliage, if you can call it foliage, of the Lessingia filanginifolia 'Silver Carpet' became magnified with contrast, carrying its browned globes triumphantly above white stems.

The stone mulch in a blink of an eye lost its chalky cast to a glimmery sheen.  The Dudleya threw its arms upward in celebration.

While still not fully recovered from its Clarkia party, the garden steams ahead with contrasting colors- whites, grays, greens, blacks/purples and reds.  This moment in the mist, fussing and exploring I could stand back and revel in the process.  When worry, regret and dissatisfaction over this small square of land overcome me, it is this kind of moment I am so grateful for.


  1. Welcome to my world! Round here we get fog drip a lot - this year in particular all through summer, which is of course unusual. Love your poetic prose, I really caught your mood :-)

  2. Oh, your garden looks just lovely! That symphony in gray, with the terracotta and the Cal. Fuchsias-- why, it looks as if it had been designed professionally!

    Gratifying to see your grande rubescens looks like mine, leaf wise. Now, will it recover or reseed? We'll find out.

  3. What a beautiful spider web with all those droplets of fog! I enjoy your blog very much. I want to become a Landscape Designer when I finish high school. Your blog inspires me a lot! I'm just starting to cultivate CA native plants (in Martinez)! :) thanks for the info and pics on your blog!

  4. Thank you, Country Mouse! How much more mysterious it must be taking a walk in the morning mist!

    Town Mouse- I looove "symphony in gray", I've been reveling in your phrasing all weekend! I think my Buckwheats will recover and if not I've got gobs of seedlings from Spring to replace them. Hopefully yours will recover AND reseed!

    Joe, thank you so much for visiting! I'm so excited about all the possibilities that await you and happy you're discovering native plants. Please keep me posted on your progress!