Thursday, July 29, 2010

Hangover in the Garden

You know the kind of night out where the next morning you wipe the crust out of your eyes, grab your head and wonder what.  in.  the.  world.  happened?*  Well, that explains the current state of the front garden.  The photo above shows the garden in full party mode.  Yeah, more Clarkias!  This is amazing!  Par-tay!

And now?  Well, see for yourself...

Aaah, make the pain stop!  You'd think that as a garden designer, I would have pages of sketches and scaled drawings detailing what goes where, charts to indicate bloom times and colors, etc.  I do those kinds of things for all my clients, but as the shoemaker's children run barefoot, my garden sits in the summer sun helpless.  Dried Clarkia petals litter the ground as a reminder of the swell time and I promise myself that this is the last garden hangover.  Never again!  Sketches and drawings, trips to the nursery and thoughtful transplantings on the way. 

*Special note to Grandma:  I don't really know what that's like, I'm just guessing what that's like...


  1. Great post and funny too. I'm now a grandma myself, so I get to do whatever I damn well want! I've been thinking a lot about the summer garden myself - look forward to learning more about your plans!

  2. Too funny. Wild partying Clarkias aside, is that rosey buckwheat I spy in bloom? The ones you gave us have starting blooming too, which is good, as the rest of our native blooms have mostly given up for the season. Thanks to you, I still have something left that's flowering in the garden, other than tomatoes! :)