Tuesday, June 8, 2010

It's Bloomed! It's... Orange?!

I had a breathless discovery this morning- the Corralitos hybrid lily bloomed!  The label claimed it was a cross between Lilium pitkinense, L. kelloggi, and L. pardalinum and would be a shade between pink and crimson.  Hence my confusion here.  Where did the orange come from?!  Regardless, I'm ecstatic that this little "orange sheep" has decided to join my riot of pink Clarkias and it does look pretty fabulous with the Malocothamnus foliage in the background. 

Just look at all that tasty pollen!  I wonder who will come to visit- the female Carpenter bees perhaps?

I love the reflexed petals- so racy!   While I don't mind this strange color detour in my own garden, I'm trying to go over in my mind all the other gardens I've put this in, as I became pretty obsessed when they were available at the wholesale nursery.  Perhaps they'll bloom truer to form in my clients' gardens!


  1. Interesting. I'm so used to seeing lilies such as this in orange, now I want to see a pink-crimson one! As I'm sure did you. I wonder if it was a nursery mix-up? It would be interesting to see if the ones in your client's gardens are any different. It is beautiful though.

  2. Well, it does look exactly like L. pardalinum. I don't know what the other parents look like.

  3. I had a similar experience last summer when 'cereneum' lily that was supposed to be pink turned out a similar color.

  4. For years I avoided anything orange in the garden. I'm not really sure why, I think it seemed hard to make work. Or too common. This year, I'm crazy about orange flowers. What's THAT all about? This happens with other plant obsessions. My strong opinions turn on me, and I find myself in love with the very thing I despised. Like a bad romantic comedy.

  5. Thanks for stopping by all! An update: one other garden has the orange ones and another garden has more crimsony-orange ones about to open in full force. I love them madly, but the truth in advertising thing has me a little miffed.

    QBC- the pitkinense is described as red-orange and the kelloggi is a light pink. Perhaps the pardalinum is the stronger one of the three.

    NJ- What did you end up doing? Keeping it in its place or transplanting elsewhere?

    Thomas- I love it when that happens! It keeps me from getting too snobby about my design choices as I never know when I'll change my mind!