Monday, June 14, 2010

The Butterflies Have Arrived!

First butterfly picture of the season!  A spunky little Acmon Blue impatiently flitting about the Eriogonum grande rubescens (San Miguel Island Buckwheat).  This little one can be hard to spot since they typically measure a measly one inch across or so, but their restlessness can help if you look for movement among the flowers.  This leads you, however to make you look pretty crazy, crouching on the sidewalk with camera in hand cursing the darn thing to just stay still for a minute

The other sides of the wings look just as lovely, leopard spotted all over. May it be the first of many this summer!


  1. Nice photos! You've done better than me...I've only made it as far as cursing. Our butterflies are not particularly willing to have their pictures matter how much I plead with them to stay still.

  2. I'm impressed. Photographing butterflies is liketaking pictures of the wind.

    Our garden is filled with skippers, painted ladies and various white butterflies. The odd anise swallowtail flies past, but never stops. I've planted all sorts of butterfly host plants, but so far, no butterflies have noticed.

  3. ps -- I would *love* cornichon seeds! I'm kind of drowning in work for the next week, so I can't meet up during the day. Want to tour my studio in West Oakland, or stop by my tiny house in East Oakland? You could wander around my garden, feel smug, and say things like "my goodnes, you certainly have your work cut out for you." maybe you could even hand feed one of our jays.

    Or, I could just give you our address...

  4. Beautiful! Your blog is lovely Christine. I loved your comment over at Lisa's about Gaudi and her bees! Just had to see and so glad I did. ;>)