Monday, April 5, 2010

SF Garden Show: Papillon Pad

Ok, I swear this is the last post on the SF Flower and Garden Show!  I had to make sure to include this wonderful garden- a celebration of wood and stone in the most elegant of ways.  Mariposa Gardening and Design teamed up with Thomas Pedemonte Fine Woodworking to create the Papillon Pad, the perfect place to flap your wings in the sunshine and sip nectar. 

The open design of the terrace balances casual and formal; classic columns create the structure as edibles ring the perimeter to encourage spontaneous snacking.  The linear columns support a dancing line of wire mesh, with pea tendrils serving as partner.  It also shamelessly courts the wood geeks of the world with its gentle George Nakashima-inspired butterfly joint, standing in beautifully for a lucky horseshoe above the entrance.

Actually, where this garden is not wood geek paradise, it's careful to provide the stone folks with something to ogle.  Tiny details, such as this herringbone stonework at the base of the platform really excite me.  It takes a natural element and puts a human touch upon it, instead of attempting to recreate the field in which the stone was found.

But then the wood geek in me takes over and I've once again fallen for the brilliant use of reclaimed wood, like this walnut bench perfect for an impromptu rest.  I can't remember for sure, but it also looks like scraps of 2 x 4s delineate the spaces between pebbles.  

Since this is the last garden show post, (I did promise...) I'll throw in a photo of this rad sculpture, too.  Goodbye, garden show!  Can't wait to see you next year!


  1. I rather liked this garden, and I love the walnut bench! I enjoyed how they mixed materials in this garden. We stopped by a second time as we were leaving the show, and I'd missed the little stone detail in front of the deck the first time I looked at the gardens. I think because the arbor encouraged me to look up, instead of down!

  2. Thanks for all your posts, I have read and enjoyed each one as I add them to our clippings! If you aren't a fan of our FB page do check us out and watch as we prepare for the 2011 show. Thanks again!

  3. So much to see in this garden! They really maximized the space and created a number of different vignettes.
    Thanks, Laura! Glad you've enjoyed it. I've enjoyed the show, so I'll have to turn the thanks right back to you for all your hard work!

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