Friday, April 2, 2010

SF Garden Show: The Living Room aka Succulent Cube

Since the nice guys at Cactus Jungle's Cactus Blog took the time to actually link to me (thanks Peter and Hap!), I should at the very least show some photos of the incredible succulent cube that everyone's buzzing about. 

The photo above was an accident, but a happy one.  It's the light sculpture inside the cube and  I.  Want.  One.  Now! 

This "Living Room" by Organic Mechanics encapsulated what I feel really makes the show special.  Imaginative, conceptual, not at all practical, gathering a crowd of gawkers, and using luscious materials. 

The cube floated on a sea bobbing with glass orbs, ringed by glowing stone bowls.  A tapestry of Echevarias and other small succulents wended across the walls of the cube in playfully elegant patterns and punctuated by small slits of turquoise-lined windows.

The entrance required the adventurous act of crossing the moat on lilypad-like millstones and ducking into the structure under a radiant book-matched trunk of polished wood.

The reward for the dangerous crossing?  A lush little room in which to have foie gras and expensive wine, perhaps 16 courses following.  The walls inside were draped in jute, which I found a tidge off-putting after the immense attention to detail on the exterior.  I would have loved to see a handcrafted table to carry the wood theme inside or at least some Tillandsias or ferns mimicking the design of the succulents.  But the chandelier captured my heart and you could look out the little windows at the growing line of people waiting to go inside, so I did enjoy it.  I can't imagine the work involved to create this and it seems from others' responses that this will be remembered as the icon of the show.

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