Monday, March 15, 2010

The Raspberry Trellis

Here I go again, showing off!  It's a small trellis I constructed from salvaged fencing for the garden I bragged about last week.  Soon enough, raspberries will not be able to keep their canes off of it! 

I secured the fence to the structure by drilling holes in 2 x 2's, then ripping them on the tablesaw (that's "cut them in half long-ways" in wood speak) and gluing them back together with the fence sandwiched inbetween.  The bottom support has a channel and holes at the bottom for drainage and also to loop thinner gauge wire around the fence and back down through the hole in the support to secure it all.  I needed something to anchor the wire at the bottom so it wouldn't fall through the hole, so what else to use besides buttons!  They aren't visible in the finished piece, but it was a fun detail that I enjoyed adding.  Pardon the fluorescent lighting and poor photo...

It's nice to give new life to old, discarded materials.  Now if only I had the time to do that to all the other cool old stuff I've got stored away!


  1. Christine, I love it. Great idea!

  2. Beautiful trellis! The buttons are adorable. We need to construct something for our new raspberry canes this year. I like the idea of using salvaged fencing.

  3. Inspirational. Maybe there's hope for all the junk, no, er, leftovers that I've been storing for all these years. I really like the hidden buttons. It's one of those hidden details that tells you about the creativity and dedication of the person who made it.

  4. Looks really good. I would never guess it's salvaged parts. And the promise of raspberries is even better. I feel like raspberries can be some of the blandest berries when bad, but some of the best when good.