Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A Quick Bit of Ephemera

Remember those Halloween centerpieces I was so proud of?  I was struggling for a bit to figure out how to incorporate those plants into my client's garden, but also to carry on the found object-ness (it is too a word!) of the piece as well.  Out came the baling wire and a few twists and turns later, a tiny succulent cage emerged from the tangled pieces.

It was a snap to make- Take a small 4" square or round pot- the kind that herbs and veggie starts come in and loosely shape lengths of wire around the form.  Wrap a small piece of wire around them all in the middle at the bottom of the pot and shape the top pieces of wire as you wish.  I gathered them together and did some curly-cues.  Stuff green moss between the wire and the pot.  I highly recommend planting the pot before closing all the wires or better yet, using one empty pot to create the form and one planted pot to insert in the cage.  I made one this time, but I think the finished piece will feature three of these total hanging by fishing line from a small cherry tree.  (When hanging anything from a tree, be sure to have something cushioning the string so that it doesn't cut into the branch of the tree over time)

Speaking of time, I can't wait to see these when they've rusted to a lovely burnt orange.   


  1. How lovely. A beautifully unique and creative piece.

  2. Wow! How creative. I will be sure to share your idea with my mother who loves to grow succulents.