Thursday, February 25, 2010

Nature, My Trusty Propagator

I wish I could take at least a little credit for this, but the skilled propagator known as my front garden has wowed me again with a forest of mini-Eriogonum grande rubescens (San Miguel Island Buckwheat) that have seeded amongst their respective mothers.  It's a moment for me to think about the design.  For my own garden, I tend to be a little kitchen-sinky in terms of plant selection, but the garden seems to be enjoying its mix of Clarkias, Dudleyas, and Eriogonums.  Not so much with the Mimulus or countless Calandrinia seeds.  Ok, garden- I hear you!  Although, I hope it won't mind if I sneak in a few Asclepias...  maybe a Ceanothus and whatever I run across on my next nursery trip, and well you know how it is!

If anyone is interested in a few, I have more than enough to share.

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  1. I hear you. My gravel entry way is a far better seed propagator than I ever will be. Looking out at the moment there is a nice crop of Eriogonum nudum, Mimulus flemingii and one little Dudleya. If only I could train it to take cuttings!