Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Gearing Up for Gardening in Wet Weather

This Dudleya does not need rainpants, although the photographer wouldn't mind a pair.

A number of coincidences have led me to search for rain pants.  Mainly, the rain.  Although Town Mouse's great post on how gardeners can limit the size of their carbon footprint and her request to bike more didn't hurt either.  I tend to ride my bike when I can, leaving my tools at the job site so I can pack light.  I'm perfectly happy riding my bike in the rain (especially when it's along the Ohlone Greenway) since I cover myself with a super rain coat with, like 80% wind resistance, although my jeans tend to get pretty soaked.  And that's before any gardening has happened.  Hence, the search at hand.  Here's a few that I've found online.  A must-have is rain pants with drawstrings at the ankles so I can tighten them over my boots to prevent wet socks.

1.  Marmot women's rain pants  seems pretty basic and has pockets.  The reviews are mostly from hikers, though and I have the feeling they're not constantly on their knees in mud and mulch.  If they're anything like my work jeans, they won't be long for this world.

2.  another Marmot women's rain pants shown above.  Same brand, but these seem more pajama-y.  Is this a good thing or a draw-back?

3.  Dennis Kirk Sentinel Rain Pants  Ok, now this is cool.  They're meant for motorcycle riders and for some reason, it appeals to the tough girl in me.  Plus it has the rising waistband at the back to help keep the rain out when crouching over groundcover.  Erm....  I mean lane-splitting down the highway.  I have the feeling that the knees would be a little more reinforced than the lighter-weight ones.  But will it be too heavy to do work in?

So now, dear readers I appeal to you.  When you're out gardening in the rain, what do you look for in a pair of rain pants?  Any suggestions?

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  1. I honestly don't own a pair, although after the repeated deluges this winter, I've seriously considered investing in some. At the moment I just wear my fleece-lined jeans, and the fleece at least tends to stay dry. Of the ones you've listed, I'd be tempted to go with the 'tough-girl' pants. We don't get much in the way of summer rain around here, so even if they're thicker, I doubt you'd overheat too much in spring. Now if you were on the east coast, I'd definitely go light-weight for those humid summer showers.