Thursday, November 26, 2009

No Red Rider BB Gun For Me This Year!

Every November 1st, my Dad calls me to ask for my Christmas list and every year I dilly-dally my way past Thanksgiving without even a hint.  I'm trying to be good this year and get started on it, so thought I'd share my perusings through the Builders Booksource online store (it's a great place to spend more time than you intended browsing books you always hoped existed).  Enjoy the show!


By our very own Alice Joyce of Bay Area Tendrils Garden Travel!


Gardening by plant community.  Sounds like a good idea to me!


Absolutely essential for anyone who thought they wanted to go to architecture school after reading Christopher Alexander's Pattern Language series.


Someday I'll talk a client into wanting to do this...


Any book about treehouses should be a book of mine...


A great reference and pretty pictures!  It looks like the Sunset Western Garden Book for us Californians.


Whenever I page through this book, I swear I have to make sure I don't drool onto the pictures!  By the way, Mrs. Dalloways is also an amazing bookstore that specializes in gardening books!   They had some amazing booklets about the historical garden styles of California.  Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


  1. It shouldn't be hard to buy for gardeners who read. The trick is in choosing books appropriate to the climate in which they garden. I hope you get the books of your choice, come Christma.

  2. Happy Thanksgiving! (Are you sure about that BB gun? I just found holes on 3 different irrigation lines, clearly chewed by squirrels. Makes me forget my peaceful disposition...)

  3. I would like to request the "Garden Walks of California". My love of gardening grew in me as a child in California. I think my second choice would be the Treehouse book. What an interesting collection of books.

  4. Thanks, Nell Jean! Hope Santa brings you what you're hoping for, too!
    TM- I'm an urban gardener, so my pacifism isn't tested as yours must be, but I really don't blame you. The oxalis is starting to wear me down and I'm considering *gasp* chemical solutions.
    Noelle- I am fascinated by treehouses and climbing trees in general. I'm always imagining that I'll make one constructed with Japanese joinery someday.

  5. What a great post - thanks! You mentioned some of my favorites and some I've never heard of, and can't wait to add to my Christmas list! The California Garden Walks book will be perfect for my mother, and I love Alice Joyce so can't wait to read more of her writing!