Friday, May 8, 2009

Backyard Archaeology

So Idora headquarters was covered in juniper bushes when we moved in. I'm not talking just some little dinky things, these were serious Kid n' Play style sculpted behemoths. (well, minus the mustard, teal and coral. yeeowch!) As soon as I signed on the dotted line, I dedicated my life to annihilating those bad boys as soon as possible. Well, some friends and I set out on the expedition one fine morning to do just that. Marcos was hacking away with the pick axe and "CLINK!" he hit something. A few minutes later he emerged with this little treasure! I consider it a blessing from the house for helping it recover from its ultimate embarrassment. (although ivy is pretty humiliating, too.)
It's cast metal and was once gilded in bronze. Poor thing has had a rough life considering it lost its feet at some point, a chunk of tail, and I think it sustained a bullet wound to the chest. Other than that, it's happily guarding the mantle in the living room.
I love these amateur archaeological finds whilst gardening! My imagination races as to the history of the garden, especially since ours used to be an amusement park at the turn of the century! (more on that another time).

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