Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Exclusive! Insect Paparazzi


I've been obsessed with the air traffic among the garden lately.  Check out the detail of the wings on this honeybee making a mess of himself in the Clarkia pollen!

The Carpenter bees have finally begun to collect pollen, too as they prepare their nurseries.  The exciting find of today, however...  the first Dragonfly sighting in my garden- ever!  (Yes, I realize I'm becoming a fanatic.)

It landed on my Dudleya hassei and even stayed long enough for me to dash inside to get the camera.  I think it's a Pastel Skimmer, or Sympetrum corruptum.  Those orange stripes are so fashionable!

Last and most certainly least, a Green Bottle Fly.  Not exactly what I'd like to attract to my garden, but I really do love the green metallic color, like the gas tank on a motorcycle.  What insects have you come across this season?


  1. Congratulations on your first dragonfly! Dragonflies, and butterflies, in my garden, fly on by...at least they fly by my lens. I never seem to be able to get close enough!

  2. We have so many kinds of flies, that I should befriend a fly-studying graduate student.