Monday, September 21, 2009

The Late Show Gardens: Future Feast In the Garden of Flow/Accumulation

What an amazing time!  The Late Show Gardens provided a much needed field trip and gave me an opportunity to meet some talented and friendly folks who all seem to geek out over plants as much as I do (in most cases, even more!)  If you are not familiar with Cornerstone, it is a playground of avant gardens designed by some of the most notorious landscape designers and architects of our day.  Among other things, the show featured some new gardens based on the theme of sustainability.  Something about the end of the world really seems to bring out the optimist/pessimist in us, but some gardens really succeeded in composing an aesthetically pleasing, thoughtful composition.  My favorite is pictured here.

Patrick Picard and Suzanne Biaggi created this incredible cor-ten table planted with a 'salad' of lettuces and sage and is set with Heath Ceramics, of course! 

I especially appreciate that they accomplished a fresh and modern aesthetic without having an overdose of grasses, unlike many of their counterparts.  I love grasses, but everything in moderation...

This view looks through the massive stone sculptures at the head of the garden where a water feature splits the table and spills over the edge into a puddle of stones at the other end.

I'll post various bits of inspiration I saw throughout the week.  So much to see!


  1. hello fellow garden gawker !
    glad that patrick and suzanne's garden was one of your favorites.
    it was a favorite of mine too, and not because i lent a very small hand in the installation but because i think it really made a sculptural statement and was aesthetically pleasing without a doom and gloom message point, like some of the other gardens.

    if you go to the upcoming green symposium that is coming to fort mason center in october there may be a chance that you will see this installation again.
    i was speaking with suzanne this morning and she said she might be installing it there and has been in informal talks with the museum of modern art.
    Yay for sculptural garden design as modern ART.

  2. Hi Christine,
    Enjoyed your Future Feast pics & post. Always glad to connect with a Bay Area cohort.... horti... et al!! Alice
    aka Bay Area Tendrils Garden Travel