Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Happy Reunion with Home

Since last I was here, I have since:
-become Mrs. Martin
-explored the rainforests and sampled the warm sands of Belize

After the whirlwind the of the last few months, I'm rediscovering the miracle of home, the joy of domesticity.  The paradox of meditative calm and excited anticipation in the act of replacing the Winter vegetables with the small, green stems that promise the bounty of Summer.

The nonchalant experimentation of pickling Radish seed pods, worrying over the recipe and flicking through the pages of my pickling book.

Sending myself out into the garden on a quest to capture the last of the Miner's Lettuce seeds to send to a friend in need of a happy surprise.  Tipping the succulent upturned umbrella leaves as the glossy black specks reluctantly toddle into the waiting envelope.  Letting out an exclamation of joy upon discovering new little caches of seeds hidden among the sticky mint leaves.

Feeling as if I should be more excited than hurt by the fact that the front garden did splendidly in my absence, bursting Calochortus, Brodiaea and Carpenteria flowers skyward with exuberant force.

Never have I been so happy to be home, to launch into the myriad projects bouncing in the confines of my head, to relax and wander and enjoy.  To wonder why the New Year doesn't begin in Spring.  I'm home.


  1. Welcome home, and congratulations Mrs. Martin! :)

  2. Congratulations! Beautiful pictures of the plants in the rain.

  3. Welcome home!

    I wan to talk to you about that woven fence.